Facial Moles/DPNs and Skin Tag Removal

Removal of Facial Moles/ DPNs/ Skin Tags

Facial Moles, like skin tags, are generally harmless and common, appearing anywhere on the skin. Most people have moles removed for cosmetic reasons, but if the mole contains any pre-cancerous cells, it is critical that the mole be removed properly, on time, and microscopically examined.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, also known as DPN, is a typical benign (non-cancerous) lesion that typically appears as numerous small, black or brown skin tags on the face, cheeks, forehead, and neck. About 35% of African Americans in this population have this condition, and the likelihood of getting these bumps tends to run in families.

Treatment of Facial Moles/ DPNs/ Skin Tag

If the appearance of moles bothers you, or if you notice any changes in the shape, size, or color of your mole.

Ellman Radiowave surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is carried out with only topical and local anesthetic.

Each raised DPN is treated individually, and depending on the total number of lesions to be treated, the doctor will address approximately 10 lesions in a single sitting.

The radiowave surgery produces little thermal damage. Some light brown areas may remain, but they will appear much better than the original DPN and may eventually blend in completely with the patient’s skin tone.

A CO2 laser can also be used to treat DPNs. This laser can also remove DPNs and skin tags in a single session (depending on the number to be treated). The procedure and results are comparable to those obtained with a radiowave device.

Facial Moles/DPNs and Skin Tag Removal