Earlobe Repair

Your earlobe is a fragile and sensitive part that is easily torn or damaged. HLCCS provides earlobe repair as one of the several operations provided to patients at Noble Cosmetic Surgery in Ranchi. Dr. Anup and his staff are experts in helping men and women address flaws and feel more secure showing their faces to the world with the aim of minimizing your pain and leaving you with flawless skin. To book an appointment for earlobe repair, contact Noble Cosmetic Surgery by phone or online.

After the surgery, your ear will need to be carefully watched to make sure it is not exposed to bacteria or dirt that could result in an infection. Generally speaking, good hygiene is sufficient, but you should also:

  • Keep your earlobes free of hair.
  • Dry off the ear after washing it.
  • Wearing earrings or needlessly touching the ear should be avoided.
  • Apply a bandage or wound dressing to the area.

You should not wait too long to treat an earlobe tear because doing so increases your chances of the ear being infected or malformed. Long-term treatment or repair will be more challenging as a result. If you have earlobe concerns, get in touch with HLCCS right away, and he can assess your candidacy for earlobe repair surgery.

earlobe repair