We have the solutions to provide you with a youthful appearance. With dermal or facial filler, we are able to help enhance your look by decreasing wrinkle or furrow lines and creating a softer appearance.

After treatment of facial filler

By injecting dermal or facial filler we are able to provide you with the necessary volume and support needed to diminish signs of aging so that you can enjoy a plump and youthful appearance. Treatment takes about 15 minutes to complete and lasts approximately six months.

Once you received treatment, you will see instant results and experience minimal downtime.

Below, are the top brands we utilize for facial or dermal filler treatments:

  • Juvederm Ultra
  • Restylane
  • Radiesse
  • Belotero

HLCCS is extremely talented and skilled at assisting you in looking and feeling your best. We would be able to determine whether facial or dermal fillers are a good option for you. For more information on facial or dermal fillers, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.

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